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Di Meo hair
We create sophisticated looks that are technically precise and effortlessly chic.
Looks that stay modern move naturally and are easy to recreate day after day.
We believe that perfect beauty is different for every Woman or Man and that achieving it, need not be a daily struggle.
That's why we never mass produce but always tailor the look considering the individual's unique features and needs, when conceiving their cut and Colour.
Great hair design begins with the client. We study individual features, characteristics and personal style, applying each cut and Colour with careful consideration and precision, creating the ultimate individualised look that's effortlessly sophisticated. Individual and practical - is our goal.
Imagine …
A salon where you always feel really welcome, where you can relax and completely unwind for an hour or so.
Imagine …
A hairdresser who has been specially trained and guarantees that you leave the salon with a look that suits your face shape,
hair type and lifestyle….
Imagine …
A hairdresser that listens to you…

“The Secret to a great looking hair starts here”

At Di Meo the cut is the style. We cut the shape into the hair so that you don't need a lot of styling products to hold hair into a style.
So you can shake your head and run your fingers through your hair as often as you like, and your hair will always fall back into shape.

This is Hair Design

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